Tall Tale Competition Results

The winners of the Tall Tale Challenge Competition in the last edition of Write On are:

Junior section

Winners:The Tall Tale of the Giant Sheep Lucy Martin, Cashmere Primary School
Washing Machine Frenzy Oli Kirke,Year 6, Grantlea Downs School
Commended:Cake, Juliet Gray, Selwyn House School
Haunted Closet, Makoea Hepi, Hornby Primary School
The Boy who Lost his Voice, Chloe Kitchingman, Russley School
The Girl Who Changed into a Fountain, Sonya Li-McHenry, Selwyn House
The Pony with a Tall Tail, Olivia Liu, Cotswold School
A Dog Me, Chloe Morrison-Clarke, Cotswold School
Bedtime Secrets, Sophie Schneideman, Selwyn House
The Box, Talia Helen Taurua, Hornby Primary School
The Day Things Started Disappearing, Joji Wada, Geraldine Primary School

Intermediate section
Winners:Finn Grieve, Year 7, Glen Eden Intermediate, Auckland
Sarah-Kate Simons, Year 8, Home-schooled, Southbridge
Commended:When Freyja Sang, Tonya Burling, Belfast School
Sea Struggles, Zoe-Jade McLeod Franetovic, Glen Eden Intermediate
He Rubs his Weary Eyes, Celeste Gardiner, Ashley School
Sandy, Ella Harneiss, South New Brighton School
Don’t Forget, Caoimhe Hungerford, South New Brighton School
The Heat of the Sun, Holly McMahon, St Margaret’s College
Old Gram, Scott Morgan-Smith, Glen Eden Intermediate
Dissonance, Ethan Ng, Merrin School
Let Me Help You, Amelie Nicholls, Matamata Intermediate
Attack of the Broccoli, Gus Pheloung, South New Brighton School
The Tale of Two Travellers, Jessica Reynolds, South New Brighton School
Trapped, Alexandra Salisbury, Rototuna Junior High School
Ghost, Isla Young, Craighead Diocesan School

Senior section
Winners:The Cursed Box, Kate Twomey, Year 11, Wellington Girls’ College
The Fourth, Celia Allen, Year 10, Nayland College, Nelson
Commended:Why Butterflies Pollinate Flowers, Intanap Ananayo, Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton
Dragon Rider; Yuiko Aoyagi, Whangarei Girls’ High School
Now you see me, now you don’t…, Danielle Brdanovic, Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton
One for the Road, Courtney Burke, Amuri Area School
When the Piano Sang, Xavier Dickason, St Andrew’s College
The Supposed Beauty of Dying, Lyani Goodman, Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton
The Heroic Bumble Bee, Ella Rice, Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton
The Chocolate Bar, Cassidy Roach, Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton
Alien, Sophie Wei, Chilton St James

Thanks for entering! Glyn Strange


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Winter 2017

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