Correspondence Programmes

Our correspondence programmes are for any student, aged eight to 18, anywhere in the world! These programmes are appropriate for extension study in the classroom or at home. They require little or no supervision, as each student will be assigned a personal tutor who will provide clear written feedback designed to encourage effort and extend participants’ skills.

We help writers at all levels to solve problems and make the most of their talent. Enrolment for a term can be commenced at any time and a term’s work may be done over whatever period of time suits the participant.

We also offer individual mentoring programmes. In conjunction with students, classroom teachers or home schoolers, we tailor our approach to cater for special talents, usually at no additional cost.

Costs and Workload

The cost per student per term is NZ$175. Enrolment for a term entitles each member to send in three assignments. However, since we encourage people to revisit and modify their writing, students may end up sending their work to us five-six times a term.

A term may commence at any time and ends when the student completes three assignments. An assignment is generally made up of the first submission of a piece of writing plus one revision in response to tutor feedback.

All students have opportunities to publish their work in Write On, our twice-yearly magazine which reaches a wide readership throughout New Zealand. Teenagers can compete for a place in the School’s annual publication, Re-Draft.

Comments from teachers and parents

“I think it’s the whole idea of completing the story that appeals to her, and we have explained that people can very easily tell when someone has rushed something rather than taken their time. Doing this course is helping her realise this, and making her think a lot more about how and what to write. She still has a long way to go, but we are happy to see that she is well and truly on the correct path to becoming an even better writer. Thanks so much for your encouragement.”—Nikki W., North Canterbury

“We’ve just had a visit from ERO and they were very impressed with the standard of our students’ writing. The feedback and feed forward you have given to our students has been an excellent model for us, together with your great units and magazines.”—Rhonda Seadon, Clendon Park School, Auckland

“Many thanks for your assistance. We have used your feedback comments in our literacy staff meetings. It’s a huge help for teachers.”—Dick Hawke, Te Kauwhata School

“I think finally we have found in your programme what we’ve been looking for. My daughter has enjoyed the challenges you have set her. I’ve noticed that she has slowed down considerably, isn’t rushing into her work, and is taking some time to reflect on what she is doing. This is a massive change. Perhaps this is because she has only ever really had the type of reaction that is ‘wow, how old are you?’ when she write something, and has never really had anyone else saying ’that's great, but if we do this we can make it even better’.”—Gaynor W., Palmerston North

Enrol on-line or contact us for more information.