Study Guides

The School for Young Writers has study guides to get you going, provide help when you need it, lead you further along the path to good writing, encourage you to try new things and, if necessary, break old habits that may be limiting your achievements. Study guides are based on the challenges we encounter while working with hundreds of young writers every year, but we are always looking for new things try try, new problems to solve. The following is a list of typical challenges. If you think of anything that?s not covered, click on the bottom right-hand square and tell us what you?d like to find out about. Chances are we’ll add your suggestion to the list.

Want to make the most of your talents? Need help to make your writing original? Seeking feedback on something you’ve written?
Can you use a strong imagination? Having trouble finishing stories? Need help to get ideas for poems or stories?
What makes a good story? What is poetry if it doesn’t rhyme? Want to create stronger characters?
Having trouble convincing your readers? Are you ready for publication? Can clichés be useful?
Having trouble re-drafting your work? Is non-fiction always boring? Can you write effective dialogue?
Would you like to write a play or film script? Do you have a writing query not covered above?
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