Young Writers for Europe

Jeunes Auteurs Pour l’Europe is an annual creative writing competition administered by the Academy of Orléans-Tours situated in the central region (région Centre) of France..

The competition offers a French as a Foreign Language section in which senior high school students of French from all around the world may compete.

New Zealand students have permission to compete thanks to the generosity of the Academy’s Délégation Académique à l’Education artistique et culturelle.

The Partner Institutions that make this opportunity available to New Zealand students are:
            in France, Lycée Ronsard, Vendôme
            in New Zealand, The School for Young Writers, Christchurch

We are very grateful to M. Pascal Dupin, of Lycée Ronsard’s English faculty, for the time, expertise, enthusiasm and care that he puts into helping young Kiwi writers. Thanks also to Mesdames Mireille Fromentaud, Simone Chabas and Sophie Jallarat of the Academy’s Délégation Académique for so generously providing this opportunity.

In New Zealand the competition is open to students in years 11–13 but the level and the timing of the competition make it best suited to years 12 and 13. Although the amorces are available towards the end of our academic year, the competition is generally regarded as a project for first-term of the following year.

To enter, students/schools must register interest with The School for Young Writers ( They then receive information about the competition including a series of story-starters (“amorces”) from which they must choose one to work on. Students may work alone, in pairs or in groups of three.

The deadlines for registration and completion of entries change slightly from year to year and it is necessary to contact the School for Young Writers for details. This information is sent out to schools, via the French teachers’ list server, as soon as it is available.

We look forward to New Zealand’s continuing success in this quality French writing competition.

More details from Glyn Strange, Director, School for Young Writers.