Re-Draft Guidelines

Complete this checklist before sending your entries.
It is for your own benefit. There is no need to send the checklist to us.

◯ You must be aged 13–19 years at the time of entering.

◯ If you are entering for the first time and are no longer at school, provide proof of age.

◯ Send your own original work typed on white A4 paper (one side only).

◯ DO NOT send work that has already been published, submitted for publication elsewhere (including the Internet) or entered for another competition (school magazines excepted).

◯ Send TWO COPIES of each entry. Maximum three entries allowed per person. We prefer that you send your work unfolded, in an A4 sized envelope.

◯ Email a copy as a Microsoft Word document to

◯ There is no word limit but entries must be suitable for publication in an anthology.

◯ Polish (redraft, punctuate and proofread) your work before sending. There is no need for fancy fonts and arty layouts. The judges will be more impressed by careful paragraphing and punctuation!

◯ Your name should only appear on your entry form. Please remove it from your text. However, the name (i.e. the title) that you give to each entry must be at the top of the first page.

◯ CLEARLY write your name and the other information requested on the [Current Year’s] Entry Form and enclose ONE COPY of this with your entries.

◯ POST your entries to:Re-Draft Competition, P.O. Box 21120, Christchurch 8143

Deadline for entries is 1st September [year of publication].

Other information you need